prepping for MY double mastectomy 

Making sure I was prepared for my surgery was SO important. Some things I considered: 

  • Do I have people to help take care of me? If you don't have a loved one who can help out, you can have a nurse come take care of you. I definitely needed major help for the first 5 days 
  • Do I have meals prepped? Make sure you have your kitchen stocked!! You won't be able to run out to the grocery store so make sure you have everything that you need BEFORE your surgery. 
  • Where am I most comfortable? I spent the first couple of weeks sleeping on the couch. I was the most comfortable there! I had lots of pillows and that's also where the TV is in my house. Make sure you have your "comfort zone" all set up BEFORE surgery. 
  • Check out my list of MUST HAVE PRODUCTS if you are wondering what you are going to need before surgery!