Aloe Vera Plant for Burns and Acne

Burn and acne scar hack 🌿

Swimsuit is from ASOS linked  HERE  for you! xx

Swimsuit is from ASOS linked HERE for you! xx

Justin got a little sunburned on our trip to Puerto Rico so instead of paying $20 for a bottle of aloe gel that we wouldn’t be able to bring home in our carry on’s, we headed to the local farmers market in Puerto Rico to pick up an aloe vera leaf for $2!! I also had a few breakouts and desperately needed to do a face mask which aloe vera works wonders for!

I am a big fan of the aloe plant - I have one in my home - and have used it on my foob scars and to help with dark spots and acne scars. You can also add to your smoothies for some inner healing and to fully take in all of Aloe’s benefits.

You can watch a video of my applying the aloe to my body and to Justin’s - HERE!

Ps. How funny are Justin’s faces?! He initially wasn’t thrilled with the texture but he loved the results 🙌🏻🙃


How To Use: for burns


It’s super simple - grab a knife and hold the plant leaf vertical with the thicker side on top. Take the knife and cut down the leaf like I am doing in the photo to the left.

Once you have cut through the leaf, pull apart the plant to expose all of the amazing gel inside (as seen below)

Apply the gel from the plant on the desired area. We rubbed it on our sunburns and left it on overnight.

This works great on sunburns and can also be used on radiation burns.

As always, if you are using on radiation burns, make sure to get approval from your doctor before use.


How To Use: Facemasks and Scars


The aloe vera plant works wonders as a face mask because of its ability to heal dark spots, acne, scars. wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.

When applying as a facemask, I typically apply the gel to my face, chest and neck and allow it to dry and soak in for about 20 minutes. It starts to feel tight on your face, which is really liked. Made me feel like it was really working lol.

Once dry, I use a warm wash cloth to remove the gel.

Aloe Vera contains Aloin which is a natural compound found in Aloe that has depigmentation properties which is why aloe helps lighten hyperpigmentation

Aloe has a very unique genetic makeup that allows its natural nutrients to really sink into the deepest layers of our skin for some serious healing to happen.

How To Use: Smoothies


You can also add Aloe to your smoothies to increase your body's natural collagen production, aide in digestion and it has pretty amazing anti-inflammatory and toxin elimination abilities.

You don’t exactly eat it the way Justin is in the photo to the right LOL but what you can do is remove the “meat” from inside of the plant by cutting the skin off of the clear gooey inside. Chop up the “meat” into cubes and and blend it into your smoothies. I used about 1/2 cup.

You can also buy Aloe Vera juice from health stores, just make sure you check the ingredients to see that it’s 100% aloe vera and there aren’t any additives.

I recently read that you can also use Aloe Vera as a hair mask! I haven’t tried this YET but I will be sure to keep you posted if/when I do!

I am excited for you to try this out and can’t wait to hear how you liked it!!