The Easiest Valentine's Day Recipe EVER (Lava Cakes)


Justin and I have been saying “LAVA” to each other for years. I am embarrassed to even tell you how it began… most people assume we just naturally started saying “LAVA” because it was a cute way to say I love you —> I lava you.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it started… LOL.

In 2015 Lavalantula came out. I have never seen it but apparently it’s about a giant volcano erupting in Santa Monica and something within the molten hot lava is awakened. Birthed from the deep dark bowels of the earth, tarantulas swarm out of the eruption. GREAAATTT movie ideal **eyeroll


Anyways, the movie was apparently SUCH A HIT that they came out with 2 lava 2 lantula. You can’t make this shit up!! Anyways, Justin and I had just started saying “I love you” around this time and whenever we would try to find something to watch on TV - 2 Lava 2 Lantula would pop up and we would just crack up because ITS RIDICULOUS PEOPLE!!! So we started saying it to each other. Justin would say 2 lava and I would say 2 lantula and it evolved to just saying I LAVA YOU to each other. I don’t know how something SO weird became something SO cute, but here we are.


ANYWAYSSSSS back to the recipe. I am a BIG fan of Valentine’s Day and an even bigger fan of Galentine’s Day. I love the idea of celebrating all of the love that we have in our lives. Even if you’re single af and don’t have any gals to celebrate with - you can always celebrate the love you have for YOURSELF!!! If self love is something that you’re struggling with - I HEAR YOU - check out this guide to learning how to love yourself.

So even though I LOVE Valentine’s Day, I HATE going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day. It seems SO awkward and forced and there is always that ONE couple who has like a huge ass bouquet of flowers at the dinner table and you just KNOW they are judging you like - GIRL WHERE ARE YO FLOWERS acting all smug. SMH. (I know you know what I am talking about!!!)


SOOO Justin and I have a tradition of him cooking me a bomb ass meal for Valentine’s Day and it’s the best!! Last year he surprised me with LAVA CAKES and they blew me away. I am not even the biggest chocolate cake fan - you know i love me some churros - but THESE lava cakes are EVERYTHING!!!!!


Usually I chill on the couch while he cooks for me because I am a damn queen but I decided I would help him out this year so I could let you know how to make them. I know, I know - I am SUCH A GOOD FRIEND!!!! What I learned.. LITERALLY anyone can make these lava cakes. They only have four ingredients and they take 15 minutes TOTAL!!



  • 6 oz of Nutella (2/3 cup)

  • 4 tablespoons of flower

  • 3 tablespoons of sugar

  • 2 Large Eggs + 2 Egg Yolks


  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.

  2. In a large bowl, add in the egg, egg yolk, and sugar.

  3. Wisk together until the egg mixture more than doubles in volume and gets thick!

  4. Thoroughly grease the mold that you will be using. We used hearts because it’s Valentine’s Day. Make sure you don’t miss any spots. Make sure to get the bottom of the mold EXTRA good so the cakes can pop right out!

  5. Flower the inside of the mold as well.

  6. Now add the Nutella into the large mixing bowl

  7. Using a spatula gently fold the egg and flour together until the batter is smooth and all mixed together

  8. Pour the batter evenly into the molds and place on a baking sheet in the middle of the oven. Bake for 11 minutes! The top of the cake should be cooked but the middle should remain gooey and filled with lava!!

  9. Take the cakes out of the oven and let them cool for 3 minutes!

  10. Now take a plate and place it on top of the mold. This part is tricky!! Very quickly flip over the mold onto the plate so the plate is now on the bottom of the mold and the mold is upside down.

  11. Lift the mold and VOILA!!!

  12. Enjoy your lava cakes!!!!


Ok this photo isn’t the best quality… BUT it shows you how yummy and chocolatey and gooey these cakes are!! THEY ARE SOOO GOOD!!!!

If you want to watch Justin and me make these delicious cakes - you can watch that HERE!

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I hope you all love this recipe and that your little lava cakes turn out AMAZING. If you end up making them please tag me so I can see your beautiful creations and use the hashtag #paigemademedoit!!!


Love you all so much and hope you have a happy Galentine’s/ Valentine’s Day!! xo