Rack Hack: Dress Shopping

Dress is rented from  Rent The Runway  - size 6 - Halston Heritage

Dress is rented from Rent The Runway - size 6 - Halston Heritage

Dress shopping is hard enough as a woman, add in some wonky foobs and our ever changing bodies and BOOM you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

I have a few tips and tricks I have learned over the years to help you find your dream dress, Foobs and all!


  • Scrunchy - Backs:

    • This hack applies to SO many issues. Form fitting dresses, wanting to indulge at the buffet, Foobs, going on a vacay, etc - a dress like this is for YOU!

    • Idk about you but I suffer from a serious condition that has been passed down from generation to generation on my mom’s side of the family. It’s called, “The Rosner Pooch.” Basically, the second we LOOK at food, we bloat and get a major pooch. I could wake up in the morning with THE flattest stomach in the world, and after just one bite, BOOM I am 7 months pregnant. It’s true - ask my sisters, my mom, my cousins… we ALL suffer from the Rosner Pouch. The BEST thing you can do? Find a dress with a scrunchy back!! It will expand with you and you can eat ALLLLL the foods without worrying about breaking a zipper or popping a button.

    • Also AMAZING for Breasties with Foobs, if youre going through the expansion phase, or just have NO idea what size you are anymore. After my surgery my body still fit into a M but my Foobs definitely DO NOT. Finding a dress with a Scrunchy-Back allows you to still wear your size and fit your foobs into the top!

    • I wore this dress from Rent The Runway at our Miami Breastie Retreat for our tropical night party and it was SUCH a hit!! I am obsessed with the cute tropical pattern, the little ruffle on the bottom and of course the scrunchy back! I am wearing a size 6.

One of my favorite dresses I have rented from  Rent The Runway!  It is from Reformation, which I think runs a bit small, so I ordered a size up (8) and it fit perfectly!! It is a little short - so make sure to wear shorts underneath!!

One of my favorite dresses I have rented from Rent The Runway! It is from Reformation, which I think runs a bit small, so I ordered a size up (8) and it fit perfectly!! It is a little short - so make sure to wear shorts underneath!!

  • Tie-Backs

    • The ONLY thing better than finding a dress with a Scrunchy-back is finding a dress that TIES in the back! Being able to make it as tight or as loose as you want is KEY for us Breasties. It is also clutch for when you are going through expansion and don’t know what size Foobs you are going to end up with. Being able to adjust it as you expand is AMAZING!!

    • All of the above info from the Scrunchy- back applies to Tie-back dresses but IT IS EVEN BETTER!!

    • Also clutch to tie your dress BEFORE an event and then have the ability to RE-TIE it AFTER you eat dinner.

    • I wore this dress to a wedding last weekend and I got SO many compliments - especially on the color!! I DEFINITELY loosened up the back and retied it AFTER dinner because #cake. The high slit also was key for dancing and the high neckline made it so I wasn’t fussing with lifting my dress all night and having to be on Foob-Patrol watching for nip slips. I rented this dress from Rent The Runway and I am wearing a size 6.

  • Jumpsuits / Overalls

    • One of the best but trickiest Breastie Foob Hacks is OVERALLS/JUMPSUITS! You have to be VERY careful when it comes to Jumpsuits, Rompers, or Overalls. By far - this is my favorite trend because it looks like you are SO put together when really you just threw something on plus they are SO comfy and trendy.

    • Some fit AMAZING and you are shocked that your Foobs fit into them and some are almost impossible to put on. I have linked a few of my faves that are Paige Approved below.

    • I know, I know… rompers/jumpsuits/overalls are NOT technically dresses, BUT I recently wore these overalls to speak on a panel and I have never gotten sooo many compliments in my life. This jumpsuit fit like a glove, was SO comfy, and made me feel like I was really trendy. Also… you know how there is a difference between “boy” cute and “girl” cute.. meaning things boys find cute and things women wear because WE think they are cute?! I assumed these overalls were one of those trends - but NOOOO I was SO wrong!! SOOO many men came up to compliment my outfit which NEVER happens to me. I was SHOCKED.

    • I rented this from Rent The Runway and it CAME WITH THE TAGS ON IT. Brand spankin new baby!! I am wearing a size M.

  • Rent The Runway

    • I gotta say, Rent The Runway is the ULTIMATE Foob Hack. By now you can tell that I am a HUGE fan of Rent The Runway. I have been renting for the past few months with them using their unlimited program and I am obsessed. Basically how it works - I pay $99 a month and I get to rent as many clothes as I want each month. AS MANY AS I WANT. They pay for shipping and handling and their turnaround time is insane. I drop off my bag on a Monday morning and by Monday afternoon I am picking my next set of clothes.

    • I fell in love with Rent The Runway when I had expanders because NONE of my clothes fit me anymore and it was SO frustrating, I no longer could wear my work clothes because my Foobs were still really small for the first few months and everything was gaping and too big on me. RTR enabled me to rent clothes a size smaller and then adjust sizing as I expanded. I also don’t have room in NY or the budget to constantly be buying clothes for events, panels, etc so they have saved me SO much time, space, and money!!

    • I have linked some of my favorite dresses from Rent The Runway that are Foob tested and Paige approved.

    • You can use PROMO CODE: PAIGEPPERK40-  to receive $40 off your first 2 months of RTR Unlimited - aka $80 off!!

Some of my current Faves from Rent The Runway:



If you are wondering what Rent The Runway is, i’ve got you covered!!

Rent the Runway's mission is to transform the way women get dressed through the revolutionary

concept of renting over buying clothing, and through this empowering them to feel self-confident

every day.

Updated weekly with new and exclusive styles from more than 600 designers and brands, Rent The Runway’s

Unlimited closet helps you take risks, have more fun with fashion and try out tons of new styles which is SO helpful for us Breasties going through reconstruction.

Choose from thousands of designer pieces in every trend and style imaginable for work,

weekends and beyond — from jackets, sweaters, denim, jewelry and purses to cocktail dresses

and black tie ball gowns.

My favorite perk? Their unlimited program. When you sign up for RTR unlimited you get to rent as many pieces as you want and they are delivered straight to your door.

Make sure to use code: PAIGEPPERK40 when you sign up for a discount!!

Do you have any good Rack-Hacks?! Comment below!!

Love you!!