Dr. Heather Halpin Richardson // Mastectomy Surgeon // Beverly Hills, CA


Breastie review:

“Absolutely love my surgeons! I had a preventative double mastectomy (one stage dti) and now have had second surgery with fat grafting. Dr. Richardson challenged herself to make my scar even smaller than normal and was able to do it!” - Jordan W. Moffett 

Contact info:

Name: Dr. Heather Halpin Richardson // Mastectomy Surgeon
Location: Beverly Hills, California


Phone number: (310) 878-0999

About Doctor Richardson

Dr. Richardson was raised in Augusta, Georgia and attended Davidson Fine Arts magnet school before earning a BS degree in Biology with a minor in Fine Art from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.

She attended medical school at the Medical College of Georgia and went on to complete general surgery residency training at Emory University in 2004.

In 2004, she joined the top breast center oncology office in Atlanta, and became a partner. She moved to Los Angeles where she practiced at the Pink Lotus Breast Center, and then came to Bedford Breast Center, where she is thrilled to serve her patients as one of the best mastectomy surgeons Los Angeles has to offer.

She specializes in nipple sparing mastectomies and breast conserving therapy(lumpectomies and oncoplastic surgery). While in Atlanta, Dr. Richardson devised the Goldilocks Mastectomy along with her plastic surgery colleague, Dr. Grace Ma and published the definitive paper describing the application of the procedure and initial cases. This procedure reconstructs a breast using the patient’s own tissue, eliminating the need for additional flaps or implants. Dr. Richardson has lectured on the topic and introduced the technique to audiences in Europe and throughout the United States.

Maintaining an interest in high risk patients, advanced mastectomy surgical technique, oncoplastic breast conservation and lipomodeling, Dr. Richardson feels it is a privilege to care for patients and ensures the best in breast care.