Dr. Frances Valdes-Albini // Medical Oncology // Miami, FL


Breastie review:

“Dr. Frances Valdes is brilliant, compassionate, up to date with all the latest clinical trials. Immediately responsive. She is a patient advocate and gets involved in the entire well being of her patients physically and mentally. She has 194 reviews and ALL are 5/5 stars!”


Natalie Barzana is 35 years old from Miami, FL diagnosed with Breast CA in June 2018. You can contact her through Instagram @natbarzana

IDC L Breast ER+ PR- HER2+
Chemo: TCHP x 6
Sx: B nipple sparing mastectomy with direct to OTM implant 
Used penguin Cold caps and kept my hair :)

I am in the medical field and did a lot of research on my physicians. I absolutely LOVE all of them and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!

Contact info:

Name: Dr. Frances Valdes-Albini - Medical Oncology 
Network: University of Miami Health System
Location: Miami, FL

Website: https://www.lvhn.org/doctors/lori-alfonse

Phone number: 305-243-5302