Dr. Lori Alfonse // Surgical Oncology // Allentown, PA

Breastie review:

”Dr Alfonse did my lumpectomy. She made me feel instantly comfortable. She’s energetic, badass, & takes the time to educate her patients. She treats you Iike a friend from the moment she sees you. She gives her patients her direct contact for questions & problems. And promises not tell anyone if you drunk dial her". - Karen Haley

Contact info:

Name: Dr. Lori Alfonse - Surgical Oncology 
Network: Lehigh Valley Health Network
Location: Allentown, Pa

Website: https://www.lvhn.org/doctors/lori-alfonse

Phone number: 888-402-LVHN (5846)

About Doctor Alfonse:

Philosophy of care

First and foremost I pride myself on taking care of people, not diseases or body parts. People come with histories and belief systems and truths and misconceptions about their diagnoses based on their prior experiences and those of others. I try to understand and appreciate where they’re coming from and all aspects of their life when treating them. And I try to include the family in treatment.  A cancer diagnosis can be frightening, and I don’t take that lightly. Patients allow me into their lives at what may be the scariest time they’ve encountered. Family is important because the diagnosis involves everybody, not just one person.

I am a member of the breast cancer multidisciplinary consultation team. Together we review your diagnostic information and give you a written opinion reflecting the scope of your condition and recommendations for your best course of care. 

Why I entered medicine

I was born and raised in Allentown, and Lehigh Valley Health Network has been part of my family as long as I can remember. Where I grew up on the South Side of Allentown was 6½ miles from the LVH–Cedar Crest campus when it was a single building in what seemed the middle of a cornfield. My mother was treated for breast and lung cancer there. My father was treated for Legionnaire’s disease there. And my brother was treated there for osteochondrosarcoma, which is a bone and cartilage cancer. I came from a family of blue-collar workers, and nobody had been to college. But my family’s experience with cancer and disease inspired me to go to medical school and become a cancer surgeon.

Community involvement

Anything that has breast cancer fundraising affiliated with it, I’m part of. I don’t belong to a lot of philanthropic organizations outside the hospital, but I participate in any activities the hospital sponsors, particularly when they’re related to breast cancer.

Personal interests

I collect shoes, and have for many years. Some are vintage or from notable designers who people might know from various TV shows, like Manolo Blahnik, for example. I have a room in my home just for shoes, but they’re not strictly for display – I wear them every day. As a woman in medicine who takes care of predominantly women, this is something fun I can share. In fact, I’ve become known for it, so new patients often look first at my feet to see what I’m wearing! I also enjoy Peloton, which is a type of stationary bike with a large screen that allows you to connect with a community of users. It’s like a fitness Facebook except everybody doesn’t know all your business. My username is HellonHeelz.