Scheduling appointments


Apparently we have to get blood work done BEFORE our exchange surgery. 

For those of you who just read that and said DUH PAIGE, I am nodding my head with you. What was I thinking?

When I called to make my final appointment with my PS before my exchange surgery, the nurse practitioner was like WTF PAIGE WHY HAVEN'T YOU GOTTEN YOUR BLOOD WORK DONE YET? YOUR EXCHANGE IS IN TWO WEEKS?! IF YOU DON'T GET THIS DONE BY FRIDAY WE HAVE TO PUSH BACK YOUR EXCHANGE SURGERY! 

Umm.. what?! 

I mean, that makes a lot of sense. But I figured someone would tell me to do this. Like a doctor. Or the receptionist. Or my mom? 


So I called the lab and made an appointment and luckily they squeezed me in. Woo go me!! 

I hate needles though.. so... this ought to be fun. 

Moral of this post? Adulting is hard. Try to stay on top of your appointments. Also.. Thanks for nothin mom! ;)



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