Blood work... Whoops!

Hey Breasties, 

Sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong, we just have to laugh. 

I was absolutely swamped at work yesterday. Like didn't have a second to even go to the bathroom. When I finally had a second to catch my breath I was looking down at my calendar and realized... oh shit... I completely forgot about my appointment to get my blood work done. shit. 

Apparently this is a MUST before my exchange surgery and I only have until TODAY to get it done. As in.. my nurse practitioner told me that if I don't get my blood work done by today they will have to push back my exchange surgery. Whoops...

So those words starting playing on repeat. 

your exchange will have to be pushed back. your exchange will have to be pushed back. your exchange will have to be pushed back. 

Then the anxiety started to kick in. I started sweating.  a lot. I was a total mess at work. Freaking out. How could I just forget?

Then I took a step back and realized, IT IS OK!! 

There was absolutely nothing that I could do about missing my appointment. Time to make a new one. 

So I called the lab and made an appointment for today. Just like that. 

Often times life gets so crazy and it seems like we don't have enough hours in the day. I am not perfect and missing an appointment isn't the end of the world.

Once we stop punishing ourselves for our mistakes, real progress can be made. 

So here is a friendly reminder that we all need to be a little easier on ourselves, because we are doing the best we can!! 



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