Family Planning


Hey Breasties,

Let's talk family planning! When I found out I carried the BRCA gene - I thought it would really only affect ME. Anyone else? I guess I was just so consumed with all of the information being thrown my way I couldn’t really think about anyone else. Plus I was only 22 when i found out I carried the mutation and the LAST thing on my mind was babies….

Now that I am much older and much wiser (lol) I have learned so much and I know my genetic mutation doesn’t just affect me. I can also pass the mutation down to my children - there is a 50 percent chance I can pass along my BRCA mutation - which is really scary! If I knew there was a way to prevent my future children from inherting my genetic mutation - why wouldn’t I want to do that?!


Even though Justin and I aren’t even engaged yet (we seem to be skipping a few steps here people!) we are aware of some incredible technological advancements and it’s helped us start talking about our future and family planning.


When Justin first heard about PGT (preimplantation genetic testing), he was a bit unsure. It is super scienc-y and can seem overwhelming. Especially because people typically do IVF in one place, then they test the embryos in another place, and then they store them in another place. This had our heads spinning and we couldn’t help but wonder… HOW DO THEY NOT GET LOST IN THE SHUFFLE?


We recently heard that CCRM (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine) is opening its own Hereditary Disease and Cancer Prevention Lab in Colorado that specializes in this testing and we love that they do EVERYTHING in one spot - they are actually the ONLY fertility center in the U.S. with its own dedicated, internal genetics lab and a team of seasoned molecular genetic scientists. (should I do a tour of their facility and get us some more info!??!)

** The following graphic is sourced from Babygest. Babygest is an informative media that is born to help anyone who wants to have a family and needs help to achieve it **

Sourced from Babygest

Sourced from Babygest

In case all of this is confusing for you:

Basically, with PGT done in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF), CCRM can screen our embryos to avoid passing on the BRCA mutation to our future babies and stop their inheritance of cancer! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

This is definitely a convo Justin and I have been having more regularly and something i want to look into dong!!

What are YOUR thoughts on PGT? Click the link to learn more about CCRM. #BRCAFreeFamilyTree #CCRM