Natural Teeth Whitening Hack


Every time I see my family they always ask me how my teeth are so white (low-key one of my favorite compliments! 😬) I used to use teeth whitening strips and I absolutely hated it because they hurt my teeth. The nerve zaps were the worst!! Not to mention, whitening strips aren’t the best for our gums and they are also expensive! For the past few years I’ve been using coconut oil mixed with turmeric and it works like a charm! So much better because it actually works, there is no zapping nerves, it’s super affordable and all natural!! This is super similar to oil pulling because the coconut oil helps reduce the bacteria that leads to plaque buildup and it helps promote healthy teeth and gums but you don’t’ have to keep swishing the mixture in your mouth for 15 min! I am sooo excited to be sharing this secret with you - and I cant wait for you to try it!!! I hope you love it!!!

I like to make a lot all at once because I am lazy and don’t like to clean when I don’t have to. Below makes a large amount (lasts me a few weeks) and I store it in an air-tight sealed container in my bathroom!

To make:
-4 tablespoons of turmeric powder
-1 cup of coconut oil


Mix it all up and brush your teeth with it as you normally would. I brush my teeth first then use this mixture - this isn’t a replacement for toothpaste! I use a separate toothbrush because turmeric stains errrrthang! I do this about once a week but when I want my teeth reallllyyyy white I do it a bit more often - you can do it twice a day if you want! 😁

Some women who have tried this: