2 Year Update and Commonly Asked Questions


I can’t believe it has been TWO YEARS since my double mastectomy. Time flies!!

For those of you who are just starting their journeys (sorry if you hate that term) I promise you that it gets easier. The first year is filled with lots of peaks and valleys but as I enter year two I am truly living my breast freaking life!!!

Answering a bunch of commonly asked questions. As always - please feel free to ask additional questions below in the comments and give us your stats/ perspective!!


How many CC’s are your implants?

They are 520 cc’s but I am thinking about going smaller! Overall I am really happy with my implants but sometimes I feel like they are a bit too big. I will keep y’all updated!


What brand are your implants?

My implants are made my Allergen – I love them as a brand – they do SO much good for us breasties. I also recently found out that our implants are highly tested for durability and they can withstand a tractor rolling over them!! How insane is that?!


What are the details of your implants?

They are Allergen’s round inspira, silicone, medium profile!


Are your implants over or under the muscle?

They are under the muscle but I am considering having a surgery to have them placed over the muscle! More to come on this soon!


Did you keep your nipples?

Yes! But looking back, I would have gotten rid of them! I have seen some Breasties with tattoos or nipple reconstruction (where they make you nipples!) and they are AMAZING!! They look SOO real.


Where are your scars?

They are under my implants and I LOVE them!!


Have you had fat grafting?

Not yet but I am highly considering it to help fill in my indents!


Do you use any scar creams?

I have never used any scar creams (because I LOVE my scars) but I do use Vitamin E oil at night sometimes and after my surgeries I use whatever my doctor tells me to help the scabs heal.


Do you have any pain or nerve zaps?

Not anymore!!! So thankful those days are over!

Do you have limited range of motion?

I have full range of motion back!

Are you able to workout?

I can do ANY workout!! So grateful for how well I have healed. I can do pushups no problem. And I feel stronger and in better shape than I was BEFORE my surgery.  

Any advice on how to accept your new body?

I hated my body for a long time after my surgery. I really struggled with how my body looked and felt. I went from hating my body, to accepting it, to appreciating it, to liking it, to now LOVING IT!!!! I had to come to terms with the fact that I will never be “ME” again. I kept trying to get back to “normal.” When that’s never going to happen. I am a new me, and I have a new normal. Our foobs will never be like our OB’s (original boobies) but overtime we can learn to love our new bodies and appreciate them. It has taken me two years to get this this point. Im so grateful that I now really love who I am and love my body.  The more you walk around naked and look at them/ give them some love - the more they will feel like your own and the easier it will be to fall in love with your new body. Take a bath and touch your foobs. GET TO KNOW THEM!! Rub some yummy lotions on them in the morning and at night. I love using jojoba oil. Look at them in the mirror and tell them outloud that you love them. The more work you put into getting comfortable with them and showing them some TLC, the easier it will be to fall in love with them!


I hope these all helped you!! If you have any other questions please feel free to ask them below!

Love you all!! xo