Foobs... it's not you, it's me


Dear Foobs, 

It's not you, it's me. 

I know that's the most classically used breakup line in the history of ever but this time it really is the truth. 

To be honest, my Foobs have been pretty good to me over the past 11 months. We have grown together, squeezed into tops and dresses together, been on tons of trips and adventures together. 

And though we have had a great time together, it's time for us to break up. 

Yes, will I always have a piece of you near to my heart but I am ready for these implants! I can't wait to get rid of these rock hard expanders. 

So once again it is Ta Ta to these TaTa's. 

You won't be missed! But I will cherish these memories forever. 



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