When I went in to get my first fill I remember thinking.. OMG!!! Those needles are huge!! My doctor told me that everything had started to heal nicely but I needed some more time before I could get filled. I was relieved because I did not expect the needles to be that big! 



My first fill really wasn't bad! Because I didn't have much feeling in my chest, I could barely feel the needles going in. It just felt like a slight prick. The worst part was having my doctor clean off the iodine because my skin was still so sensitive. They filled me with 60 cc's for my first fill. After the fill my back was tight but it really wasn't too bad!! 



After my second fill my Foobs looked HUGE to me!! We did another 60 cc's and it made a big difference. I brought my mom with to this fill and she was SO nervous when she saw the needles! I actually watched my nurse practitioner uses a magnet to find the magnetic port where the needle connects to fill you up. It's pretty cool to watch!! 



After my third fill I felt HUGE. So we decided to give me a two week break before my next fill. I wanted to live with them and see how I liked the size. I definitely recommend giving yourself time to let your Foobs settle in to see how you like how big or small they are. They definitely go down in size after a couple of weeks! 



After this fill I was happy with my size! At this point I had 390 cc's and that felt like more than enough!! I had pretty small breasts before my surgery so this felt like a lot! But after a couple of months the Foobs settled in and my mom told me she thought that they looked a little bit too small for my body. So I gave my plastic surgeon a call and he told me to come in, possibily for another fill... 



I hadn't gotten a fill in awhile so I was kind of nervous! I wasn't sure if I liked the size of my Foobs or not and my doctor explained to me that going a little bigger with the expanders would help make my exchange surgery easier and it would help decrease the likelihood of rippling. Because I was on the fence about size, going a little bigger would be the best option for me because when you swap out the expanders for implants, the implants generally end up being smaller than your expanders. I am SO much happier with the size and the shape is even better too!! 


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