What I wear to my doctor appointments

Hey Breasties, 

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I am really trying to write more blog posts for you and I thought this was a good place to start since pretty much all of us have to go see a doctor at some point in our lives... 

We all know that going to our doctors can cause some major anxiety. Thankfully everyone at my plastic surgeons office is super nice, so going in for checkups is actually fun. But whether or not you love or hate going to your doctor, the one thing I ALWAYS do before going in to see my team is to make sure I am comfortable. 

Comfort = Key to decreasing anxiety

This is what I pretty much always wear to see my doctors: 

  • Ugg boots - easy to take on and off
  • high-waisted comfortable leggings - my doctors are already seeing my Foobs, they don't need to see EVERRYYYTHINGGGGG 
  • a big comfy sweater - always braless and easy to take on and off 

Do I look like a hot mess? Kinda. But am I comfortable af? Yes. 

You obviously can wear whatever you want to your doctors office. I am sure some of you get all dolled up and stroll in looking like a supermodel. You probably also dress up to go to the movies and before getting on airplanes. GOOD FOR YOU! (seriously though, I am impressed) I have always been a sweatpants kinda girl. The second I get home the sweatpants come on. 

The reason I am all about easy-to-put-on clothes is because half the time I am with my doctor they are either telling me to put on or take off my clothes and if you are wearing something really complicated it can get awkward (at least for me!) So being able to throw on a sweatshirt makes life SO.MUCH.EASIER. 

I would love to know what you wear to your doctors office in the comments below! 

I have linked some of my favorite ETPOC below.