the drains... they suck! 

Having the drains in was the hardest part for me. I was SO uncomfortable because if you move in the slightest wrong direction you are pulling and tugging on the drains and it HURTS! The pain from my drains completely overshadowed and hurt much worse than the pain from where they removed my breasts. 

There were so many times when I wanted to rip these drains out because the pain and discomfort was so unbearable I didn't think that I could take it any longer. 


I was so glad that I only had to have the drains in for one week. 

I was SO excited to see my doctors that day and was so anxious to hear if I would be able to get them taken out. 

I wasn't able to shower until they were removed so it was a major relief getting them taken out. It was surprisingly not painful at all! They just slide right out. It is the weirdest feeling ever! I know the picture looks intense and really scary/painful but trust me there is NOTHING to worry about! They literally just pulled them right out of me. I immediately felt like a new person afterwards. I could move around SO freely! I was immediately less restricted and I could move a little better.