Breastie Friendsgiving


I was so excited to host my first annual Breastie Friendsgiving at my apartment!!

It is always a struggle to try and find the perfect location for Breastie events so when in doubt, I go for comfort. And what is more comfortable than your own apartment?

What is Friendsgiving, exactly? It’s the modern twist on a classic Thanksgiving celebration where you combine your “friends” and “Thanksgiving.”

Tbh its one of my favorite holidays because I love any excuse to celebrate my friendships!

This year has been one of the hardest and best years of my life. The ONLY reason I have made it through is because of my Breasties. So I felt like inviting them all over for a special Breastie Friendsgiving was a MUST!! Plus I will be down for the count this Thanksgiving because my exchange surgery is only a couple of days before, so I was happy to get to celebrate! 

Justin and I spent the entire weekend prepping for this special day (He really is the best!)

We spent the weekend cleaning, grocery shopping, and binge watching Riverdale. I am obsessed We also headed to party city to grab some corny Thanksgiving themed headbands and decorations. I am all about making our apartment feel festive!

In the end, the apartment turned out gorgeous!


Oh, and the food wasn’t too bad either!

Are you celebrating Friendsgiving this year? If so, comment below and tell me how!



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